Threat and Vulnerability Lifecycle Managed Service
(24/7 Security Operations Centre)

The pace of technology evolution and the sophistication of malicious threat actors means that the Vulnerability-To-Threat landscape has incremented, thus requiring organisation to adapt their technology Vulnerability & Threat Lifecycle Management and incorporating a defence-to-eradication capabilities in line with the Cyber Risk appetite

Phakamo delivers the most scalable security risk governance, management and assessment, leveraging the best combination of humans and Microsoft technology to provide ongoing and on demand threat vulnerability detection, response, mitigation and intelligence protecting both the Production and Operations environments, empowering IT to maintain high level security baselines and configuration that increase compliance

 Threat Management

  • Threat & Vulnerability Management-Threat detection and response smarter and faster with artificial intelligence (AI),
  • Attack surface reduction –reduce the attack surface by ensuring resilient configuration settings.
  • Situational Awareness-Deliver granular visibility into SecOps efficacy
  • Threat Assessment & Hunter 
  • Threat neutralization-Identify variables impacting productivity
  • Security Analytics-Leverage artificial intelligence to better determine events of concern that has a 

 Minimizing exposure and improving resilience

 Response Management

  •  Endpoint detection and response-Endpoint detection and response capabilities are put in place to detect, investigate, and respond to advanced threats.
  • Forensics-Leverage log capturing and orchestration for forensic purpose that empowers law enforcement for investigations and trial purpose
  • Automated investigation and remediation –Leverage automatic investigation and remediation capabilities that help reduce the volume of alerts in minutes at scale in line with unique operations.
  • Expert Driven-Leverage certified network defenders equip with world-class capability to ensure response is in accordance with business continuity appetite.

 Driving security confidence and enabling fitting continuity

 Assurance Management

  •  Compliance Support-Leverage the outcomes of the Service Envisioning process to align with organisational Security compliance requirements.
  • Security Awareness-Leverage the Detection intelligence to undertake group or subject focused security awareness exercises for the client.
  • Risk Management Workflow–delivering a client Risk-perspective, empowering security controls for the management of the client’s cyber risk profile.
  • Reporting & Dashboarding-Present comprehensive Risk KPIs for operating insight and Enterprise Risk Management.

 Empowering digital strategies through maturing enterprise  cyber-Risk