Security Assestment & Verification Services

Evaluate Security Risks. Defend your technology asset from threats.

Security Assessment and Verification Services can mitigate cyber risks through comprehensive manual and automated assessments to unveil security gaps and vulnerabilities in applications, networks, and systems. The assessments reduce risks and protects technology infrastructure, while enhancing your security posture.

Phakamo Security Assessment and Verification Services supports an organization’s need to secure its infrastructure, applications, source code, networks, and digital assets from complex threats. We provide reliable verification services to evaluate your cyber defence capabilities, uncover critical vulnerabilities, and help you remediate them.

Our SAVS Services Can Help You

Test Resilience Through Simulated Attacks

Next-gen breach and attack simulation platform to proactively address threats and risks, DDoS simulations to remediate gaps in people and processes, Spear phishing simulations to evaluate readiness against social engineering attacks, Threat hunting initiatives for taking pre-emptive measures to protect attack surfaces.

Drive Assessment Based on Business Needs

Consume testing services based on your application release demands, mitigate flaws in early stages of the development cycle through penetration testing, secure coding guidelines, threat modelling, and architecture risk analysis.

Manage Vulnerabilities

Proprietary platform with automated workflows for managing vulnerabilities, provide real-time visibility to vulnerability management program and ensure remediation is prioritized and assigned to the right owners, Open-source compliance platform to comply with open-source licenses, manage obligations, and identify security vulnerabilities.

Identify Threats Proactively

Threat modelling to proactively identify threats in the early stages of the development cycle through security architecture reviews to ensure robust and secure software applications.

Improve Digital Security

Strengthen security controls by identifying and remediating critical flaws in IoT environments through assessments to review architecture and design, firmware, and connected interfaces, including cloud and mobile.


  • Business centric vulnerability management strategy and framework.
  • Application security advisory services to secure SDLC processes.
  • Cloud security strategy to mitigate risks.
  • Enterprise mobility strategy to manage mobile devices, meet customer needs & harness market opportunities.


  • Advanced simulation-based testing services to detect malicious activities.
  • Technology implementations to strengthen resilience.
  • Open-source software compliance analysis to assess risks.


  • Automated Security Analytics and Visualization Platform (SAVP) for real-time visibility of vulnerability management program status and view vulnerability information as a single source of record.
  • Cloud security sustenance to fortify data and proactively evolve to meet new threats.
  • Security governance of application security programs (web & mobile) and configuration review/security architecture review of application portfolio stack.