Cyber Risk Advisory

Design, deploy, and manage security programs. Overcome risk. Achieve compliance

Cyber risks are increasing with organizations embracing digital technologies and data processes to reimagine their businesses and enable growth.
Strategic risk advisory services are imperative to manage these disruptions and mitigate critical security risks.

Phakamo risk advisory services can help you design, deploy, and manage information security programs. Our services also include Governance Risk
and Compliance Management frameworks to mature security standards and drive transformation initiatives across the organization.

Our CRAS Services Can Help You

Effectively Manage Cyber Risks

Context-aware cybersecurity strategies to minimize cyber risks, establish clear roadmaps, policies, and procedures to enhance security posture, understand risk levels and gain clarity on risk appetite.


Meet data security concerns by meeting regulatory needs, safeguard sensitive data through privacy and security controls, deploy technology solutions, legal and contractual mechanisms to minimize breach impact.

Meet Compliance

Comply with global data regulations, safeguard Personally Identifiable Information (PII), adopt data privacy security controls, quickly respond to data leak incidents, improve leak detection accuracy, and prevent data corruption.

Mitigate Vendor Risks

Analyse, control, and monitor third-party security gaps and mitigate data breach and financial risks, automate vendor risk management, govern third party metrics.

Automate Risk Management

Centralize automation of Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) processes, align IT to business goals, secure data and meet compliance needs, strengthen governance, and improve visibility.

CRAS Solution Approach


  • Governance Risk and Compliance management processes for automation.
  • CYBRn services to customize GRC automation needs.
  • Advanced data protection & framework for security and privacy programs to meet regulatory requirements such as GDPR.
  • Enterprise security strategy review for governance, technology assessment, risk and compliance, identity, and access management.


  • Establish and operate a remote third-party risk assessment program.
  • Manage & implement security solutions to support CISO office.
  • CYBRn  integration services for interoperability with other applications.
  • Data leakage risk assessment, design and deploy data protection rules, policies & technologies.
  • Filter and review incidents through data protection technologies.
  • Identify false positives and true positives, investigate and resolve true positives.


  • Deliver scope-based package of skills and man hours to support the CISO office.
  • Augment data protection through Phakamo’s Advanced Information Protection “AIP” solution to enforce data classification and associated common rules.