GRC Technology Automation

Enable transparency across risk & compliance processes. Strengthen governance. Improve visibility.

Automate risk management and compliance processes. Enhance regulatory awareness.

GRC services can help in effective monitoring of risk and compliance processes, intelligent use of technology and data while improving time to value. These services can foster tangible value across IT operations through efficient use of resources, enhancing agility, and strengthening governance.

GRC benefits:

Centralized automation of risk and compliance processes to improve business performance.

Reduce costs, optimize technology investments, and align IT operations to business goals.

Secure organizational data, manage risks effectively by establishing security controls, meet compliance goals, and data security needs.

The need to select the right GRC solution provider

GRC platforms help in custom automation of workflows and integration with multiple upstream and downstream systems. The increase in regulations and pressure to achieve long term cost reduction and operational efficiencies have made organizations adopt GRC technology solutions to centralize key areas such as automation of policy lifecycle management, risk management, compliance management, incident management, and audit management.  However, large organizations are unable to optimize their investments on GRC platforms.

Some of the common challenges include:

  • Lack of clarity on the GRC solution benefits.
  • Selecting GRC solutions and evaluate the level of customization needed.
  • Unable to integrate multiple platforms, upstream and downstream sources.
  • Incapable of re-engineering GRC solutions due to process complexities.
  • Time required to migrate operations to GRC solutions.

Phakamo through its suite of services provides strategic and transformation solutions to automate GRC initiatives. Our services also protect data, assets, and identities, integrate risk and compliance, and drive audits to meet regulatory needs. The objective is to strengthen security governance and intelligence frameworks, enhance business focussed performance improvements and deliver quantifiable benefits.

Implementation approach

  • Evaluate the existing approach to know the limitations and decide on the extent of automation required.
  • Aggregate data such as business hierarchy, process functions, asset inventory, documented workflows, and risk management methodology required to implement the GRC solution.
  • Devise a design and consulting roadmap, ensure a modular approach to implement and deploy the solution.
  • Identify business requirements, finalize design, methodology, workflows, and fields with all relevant stakeholders to avoid any configuration rework.
  • Develop and implement the solution customized to needs (including waterfall and agile) and validate through user acceptance tests.

Transform and scale GRC programs

Choose our services to meet your emerging risk and compliance needs and goals. Our varied experience can strengthen GRC frameworks and empower you with tools and solutions to take on the expanding risk and compliance landscape.

Phakamo Advantages:

  • Dedicated GRC Technology Center of Excellence.
  • Role-based metrics and dashboards to gain visibility on risk, control applicability, and compliance status
  • Real-time information and reports available via role-based access.
  • Centralized repository for policies, requirements, and controls.
  • Proven experience on GRC modules and automation areas.
  • Services to standardize operations with automated notifications and better cross-functional participation.
  • Solutions that are scalable and having cost advantages and productivity benefits.