Cyber Risk Management

Fix cybersecurity challenges, mitigate business risk. Stay resilient to persistent treats and attacks.

Experience new levels of security preparedness. Become more responsive.

Phakamo adopts a holistic and comprehensive approach to cyber risk management. We have the expertise to establish cybersecurity strategies, define roadmaps, develop policies and procedures, and manage cyber risks. Our proven methodology leverages several industry standard best practices depending on the region, industry, and context. These best practices include NIST CSF, NIST, COBIT, CIS, ISO 27001 and other regional standards.

Some common challenges faced by organizations include:

Lack of clarity to define information security specific quantified risk appetite aligned with operational and enterprise risk management.

Apply risk assessment methodologies to correctly gauge risk levels.

Vulnerability and risk correlation to determine indirect risks or risk elevation.

Risk and Compliance Capabilities

Cybersecurity program assessment: Align CISO office with organizational objectives, program governance, people & technology strategies, risk and compliance, identity and access management, threat management, data protection and privacy, security intelligence, and operations.

Risk and compliance programs: Security programs in alignment with industry best practices and regulatory requirements such as COBIT, ISO 38500, NIST 800-37, NIST 800-53, ISO 27001, ISO 22301, NIST CSF, FFIEC, SAMA, NESA, and NYDFS.

Security strategy and transformation: Security strategy to address emerging cybersecurity trends and threats, along with a transformational roadmap to strengthen the security organization.

Risk and compliance automation: Design, develop, manage risk and compliance automation using market leading GRC platforms.

Solution Approach

  • Cyber risk strategy aligned with enterprise and operational risk management.
  • Risk identification and evaluation by assessing threats, vulnerabilities of processes, and system interdependencies.
  • Assessment of risks across business functions, services, and IT assets.
  • Risk scoring and ranking based on quantitative and qualitative methods.
  • Risk treatment based on prioritization, compensating control considerations, and cost benefit analysis.
  • Risk communication to relevant stakeholders and assign risk mitigation ownership.
  • Risk treatment status, progress tracking, and reporting.
  • Risk management lifecycle automation using GRC technology solutions.
  • Risk management program key performance and key risk indicator measurement and reporting.

Focussed to protect your business

Phakamo has the required expertise and experience to operationalize a security governance and implementation framework, which can reduce your risk footprint. We can design and deploy sustainable risk management systems based on your business concerns and compliance needs.

Our unmatched benefits: 

  • Cyber risk management, assessment, and program implementation experience for Local, Regional and global clientele.
  • Risk assessment customization aligned to business context & requirements.
  • Proven market leadership in automating risk management programs.
  • Capable of perceiving risks at different organizational levels.
  • Ability to conduct cyber risk assessments at scale.