Phakamo believes Security & Enterprise Risk needs to be visioned with an added dimension to counteract.
With Microsoft’s EMS, organisation will be empowered towards a resilient & Compliant Security platform.

 Consolidate Cyber Risks in line with Business Appetite.

 Deliver seamless Cyber Risk, Compliance and Security roadmap.

 Reduce cyber risk with comprehensive, best-in-class protection.

Cyber Risk Assessment

Our consulting model is based on identifying organisation-specific cyber risks that are within its realm of operations, appreciating impact and opportunities so to empower the client to set a fitting tone in leveraging digitization.

Compromise Assessment & Threat Hunting

Compromise assessment is an objective survey of a network and its devices to discover unknown security breaches, malware, and signs of unauthorized access. More specifically, the assessment seeks to find attackers currently in the environment or who have been active in the recent past.

Cybersecurity Assessment

We examine client security controls and how they stack up against known vulnerabilities. It’s similar to a cyber risk assessment, a part of the risk management process, in that it incorporates threat-based approaches to evaluate cyber resilience. We take a close look at the company’s overall security infrastructure.

OT/IOT Security Risk Assessment

We leverage our Cyber Risk model as a central integration point, where Security Assessment –with both compromise Assessment and Pen Testing are used to measure the resilience, response and maturity posture of the OT/IOT infrastructure.

Cloud Security Assessment

Inacloud security assessment,  weevaluate, tests and analyse an organization’s cloud infrastructure to ensure that it is protected from a variety of security risks and threats. … Identify weaknesses and potential points of entry within the organization’s cloud infrastructure, providing an improvement roadmap.

Penetration Testing

We simulate numerous cyber attack acrossanorganisation’s digitallandscape,against computer system to check for exploitable vulnerabilities, also incorporating a continuous resilience testing capability in the form of infiltration propagation that aims to test data-center resilience, from a target focusing perspective based on durations configured.

Cyber Risk Assessment

The Phakamo Tech Cyber Risk Assessment methodology has been informed and influenced by a multitude of international cyber security and risk scholar articles and frameworks, more so  the  NIST  framework  for  Critical Infrastructure, COBIT 19 for Cyber Security and Risk Governance, SABSA Security architecture as well as the many customer industry specific frameworks for a fitting evaluation.

We  adopt  fitting  methodologies  when delivering the service as per the scope of work, thereby ensuring not only the evaluation of customer’s infrastructure but ensuring risk consideration within the business context of a customer’s organisation appetite, which is a critical barometer for determining business appreciation  of  acceptable  impact  thus informing strategic roadmap at the conclusion of the engagement.

We deliver leveraging an assessment loop process as depicted below where the iterative steps are continuous through the different milestones of the assessment project whilst remaining consistent within the customer’s risk sphere: