Cloud Security

Cloud Security is everyone's concern but it's our business

Manage cloud security risks. Protect cloud assets. Accelerate growth.

Phakamo can assist your organization in migrating securely to the cloud and offer support during the initial stages of digital transformation.

The services can be customized to suit your cloud journey, whether you are a new entrant, or an organization seeking to improve cloud operations. Our services can help you protect your critical cloud assets and offer complete protection to users accessing these assets.

Cloud-based systems, data, and infrastructure must be protected through a set of policies and controls to ensure regulatory compliance and protection of customer data.

Cloud security services are vital in authenticating user access to applications, devices, and networks. The growing sophistication of cloud threats has also made it imminent to have the right security provisions which can prevent unauthorized access, data breaches, and account compromises.

Our Cloud Security Services Can Help You

Establish a Strong Cloud Security Foundation

Review security strategy, including IAM, cloud-native & security tools, workloads, applications, architecture, and connectivity. Identify to-be state, find improvement areas, and provide recommendations. Define cloud security strategy aligned with regional and organizational compliance requirements. Prioritize projects based on cost, effort, and risk.


Oversee Cloud Security Risks

Identify compliance requirements, drive workshops to understand the status quo. Conduct risk assessment using CSA, CIS, and cloud-native security checklists such as AWS. Evaluate remediation options across engineering, architecture, and technology, IAM, security testing, development (CI/CD), and operations (DevOps). Evaluate cloud assets including, compute, storage, databases, networks, containers, boundaries, security technologies, and serverless computing. Provide recommendations and implement remediations.


Engineer Cloud Security (DevSecOps)

Architecture design, cloud-native and non-native technologies, and configuration. IAM configurations, roles, users, secrets, and key management. Enterprise directory, IAM integration, DevSecOps automation. Integration of continuous security testing, continuous compliance, protection, and monitoring tools. Security in Infrastructure as Code (IaC – terraform) and configuration management scripts (Chef, Puppet, Ansible). Bespoke integration with applications and systems using API.


Protect Data and Privacy

Establish a business-aligned data protection framework for cloud and SaaS-based storage. Define data protection processes and guidelines. Define technology selection and implementation roadmap for securing buckets and blobs, cloud SQL and NoSQL DB, & long-term storage. Secure access using both cloud-native IAM and enterprise integrated IAM/PAM, SSO, MFA, encryption, and anonymization. Promote awareness of data protection, identify owners, and custodians. Monitor, manage & enhance data protection technologies through cloud-native and non-native security technologies, including Cloud DLP & native access logs.


Cloud Security Foundation

Implement a secure cloud foundation through customized cloud security solutions and ensure appropriate security configuration, controls, and policies

Cloud Risk Management

Context-sensitive, customized risk management approaches to meet compliance needs and counter cloud security threats and risks

Cloud Security Engineering

Engineer and orchestrate cloud workloads and optimize cloud security investments through cloud-native and commercial security tools

Cloud Security Service Benefits

  • Establish and manage cloud security for digital businesses, including microservices, DevOps, IoT, databases, and apps.
  • Build, establish, and manage cloud security risk, and compliance guard rails into daily operations.
  • Engineer and orchestrate cloud security workloads such as monitoring, event detection, response, and reporting.
  • Manage your data security and privacy requirements in the cloud.