Cloud Security Engineering

Transform cloud security posture. Mitigate cloud risks.

Cloud services are integral to digital transformation and can help organizations reduce costs, improve collaboration while ensuring the optimal use of resources through scale and efficiency. The cloud environment must be protected through adequate security controls and policies since it can contain classified information and data.

Cloud security engineering services can help you to

  • Manage cloud security risks.
  • Achieve compliance and fix security gaps.
  • Enhance threat detection and management capabilities.
  • Protect data across its lifecycle.
  • Enable security in DevOps.
  • Minimize cloud security costs by standardizing security practices and architectures and automating guard-rails.

Secure enterprise use of cloud services. Overcome cloud security challenges.

Cloud security encompasses many individual disciplines, it involves expensive investments and adds significant overhead to organizations. We help our customers optimize their cloud investments through our services which use cloud-native and commercial security tools for shift left, container, and as-a-code environments. The service scope also includes comprehensive engineering and orchestration for cloud workloads such as monitoring, event detection, response, and reporting.

Phakamo cloud security engineering services can help you to:

  • Design a secure reference architecture that supports layered defense across multi-cloud situations.
  • Identify and leverage native cloud tools and commercial tools.
  • Automate and orchestrate cloud services, including security in CICD pipeline (DevSecOps), infrastructure as code (IaC) and configuration management.
  • Define guard rails, security and privacy compliance requirements, including test automation and fixes.
  • Establish technology and controls for monitoring and response.
  • Formulate the security testing approach for cloud assets.

Versatile security services to protect your cloud journey

Phakamo can help improve your organization’s cloud security posture by enhancing visibility into cloud operations and protecting data stored and processed in cloud environments. Our services can reduce complexity, risks, costs while ensuring speed and agility for quicker outcomes.

Other service advantages include:

  • Effective incident management through SIEM services and operations.
  • Proactive threat discovery through breach and attack simulation.
  • Endpoint detection and response ML-powered attack prevention & quarantine.
  • Improved response and automation through Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR).
  • Threat aware Security Operations Center for effective threat intel management.
  • Big Data analytics for anomaly detection.