About Us

Phakamo Tech is a proudly South African cyber security company and 100% Level 1 BEE owned company , a winner of the Microsoft FY20 Emerging Services Partner of the Year and 2 time Finalist in the Security Competency category. Phakamo Tech delivers scalable security / risk governance, managed security, and assessments services with +50 years staff experience.  We have committed ourselves to assist our customers since 2010 with assessing their cyber security posture, determining risk exposure and building robust defences against modern cyber-attacks. 

We leverage the best combination of people and technology that provides ongoing and on-demand threat detection – response – mitigation – intelligence, which then helps our customers augment internal security teams with unparalleled scale and enables them to make better risk management decisions faster and better whilst enabling and supporting digital transformation journey. 

As a fast-emerging Cyber Security company, and a handle full of Dedicated and Advanced specialist Microsoft Security Partners in South Africa and the Continent, Phakamo believes Security & Enterprise Risk needs to be envisioned with an added Zero-Trust dimension to counteract the ever-expanding threat landscape, cyber Risk & compliance challenges brought about by ever accelerating adoption of Digital Solutions and Transformation programmes.